WILDCAT Mobile Technologies has long been associated with the vehicles used in oil and gas production. We are well acquainted with the various pieces of equipment that every well must have to successfully produce.

One of the key vehicles is the Datavan. We have years of experience building these special vehicles. The Datavan Trailer is the most common configuration for this vehicle, most often a 44’ fifth-wheel trailer towed by a semi tractor. It is fully equipped and ready for drilling operations. These trailers are built to withstand the rough duty seen in the oilfields, yet remain easy to maintain and clean.

Furnished with operator consoles and workstations, equipment racks, kitchenettes, VIP seating and cable reels for the signal cables, each Datavan presents itself in a highly professional look, while performing its function flawlessly. WILDCAT Mobile Technologies has years’ of experience refurbishing these vehicles, and also offers a new build option.

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